2. The booklet of John

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(Revelation 10: 9) 9 So I went to the angel and said to him, “Give me the little book.” And he said to me, “Take and eat it; and it will make your stomach bitter, but it will be as sweet as honey in your mouth.”
.                                 (All quotations from the New King James translation)

Christians, God’s people, have fallen away from their Creator en masse.
They are God’s children, who have sadly become godless and have become partakers of the way of life of this world with its love of pleasure and money (1 Timothy 6: 9-10).
But our loving Father in Heaven is not yet giving up on them.

In the previous article we talked about:
The Divine plagues, why these are necessary.
The sealed scroll with 7 seals, which only the Lamb can open.
Revelation chapter 10 verses 1-11; The little book that John had to eat to prophesy.

Theme: The apostate children of God

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